Free College Training is possible! It is possible to deliver high-quality College classes using the internet.

Today we have the opportunity to deliver these classes including lectures, free digital reading materials and quizzes with such efficiency. A new educational renaissance is before us!

Does this new opportunity does cost money? Yes! But the costs can be kept so low that alternative funding models will be able to pay for the classes and training.

Is everything free then? Only the things that take personalized attention or administration, such as official awards, and consumable items.

How is the concept possible? Instead of needing a centralized building for residential learning for the cognitive learning, this learning could be delivered via the Internet.  The learner will be asked to recruit local mentors in their chosen field of interest. The mentors will give context to the cognitive training in various subject areas. Some subjects need less mentor context, such as history, for instance. Some subjects need more context, such as Interpersonal Communications.

Christian Leaders Institute has been delivering free online college classes since 2006. The first program of study feature ministry training classes. Eventually, certificates, diplomas, and degrees were added.

The first associate and bachelor degrees were offered in Divinity in 2015. The degrees were not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, but by a quality religious accreditation organization called IABCS, out of the state of Georgia. The IABCS has been accrediting Bible Schools and Seminaries since the early 1950s.

The degrees were vetted and deemed credible by three top seminaries right from the start: Western Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. These Accredited seminaries are allowed to accept individuals from non-accredited schools if they believe the training to be up to par.

Now in 2018, Christian Leaders Institute is expanding into more college-level classes.

Free College Training at Christian Leaders Institute has expanded beyond ministry to include:

Market Place Ministry
Restorative Justice

New Certificates, diplomas and degrees are being rolled out each month.

How will this be paid for? Christian Leaders Institute is made possible by generous vision partners who believe that everyone should get the opportunity for a high-quality education at the college level. Visionary Foundations, Individuals, churches, and graduates have contributed to the operations of Christian Leaders Institute.

Since there are some donation-fees for personalized services and products, that revenue also supports the sustainability of this exciting new approach to education.

Over 200,000 people have started Christian Leaders Institute since 2006. The classes have been well received not only by accredited institutions but by the thousands of students who needed and wanted this low cost, but quality option.

Free College training is possible so that everyone can study, even if all they could afford was an internet connection.

This opens the door for the masses to get college awards which include grades and unofficial transcripts. Over 90 percent of the world cannot afford college training, until now.

This website will not only talk in dept about the Christian Leaders Institute College training, this website will share the conversations of those who have completed awards at Christian Leaders Institute.